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Improve Your Structural Design in Cooperation with Us

Development of new structure speedup using Finite Element Method (FEM) calculations and next Fatigue Strength and Fatigue Life Assessment (FSA and FLA). We have 20 years of experience with these analysis.

(FEM) Calculations of Stress by Finite Element Method

Available FEM softwares are ANSYS and CODE_ASTER for (FEM) calculations. We realize fallowing types of calculations:

  • static calculation of the stress;
  • calculations of the structural assemblies considering the bodies contact
  • evaluation of mode shapes and eigenfrequencies;
  • calculation of stress response due to dynamic forces;
  • calculations with geometric and material nonlinearity.

(FSA and FLA) Fatigue Strength and Fatigue Life Assessment

Available software is FEMFAT on (FSA and FLA) for us. We provide fallowing types of tasks of assessment:

  • FSA and FLA of welded structures;
  • FSA and FLA of structures subjected to multiaxial load;
  • including related phenomena - size effect, notch effect, surface quality effect, etc.;
  • adoption of various experimental sources and analyzing them in order to be used in fatigue predictions;
  • evaluating the strength of components and structures based on defined standards.

Last update on 2018-02-14